Careers at PGPL

  • The Prince George Public Library is looking for a dynamic people-person to work part-time as a Library Assistant, Children’s Services. This position will focus on delivering high quality programming for families with children 0 to 9 years of age (including Pre-School and Kindergarten) at both library branches and at various locations in the community served by the library. The position will also assist the public in the use of the catalogue system and answer basic questions at any of the library's information desks during regular business hours. Work shifts will routinely occur on weekends, mornings, afternoons, and evenings – with a substantial number of these shifts occurring on weekends and evenings.

    We are looking for someone who is customer-centric. They should be able to adapt their behaviour to accommodate the unique needs of parents, caregivers, and young children with whom they are engaging. This includes being able to plan and implement developmentally-appropriate programming and evaluate the effectiveness of such initiatives. A strong candidate is someone who is willing and able to learn established library methods and adhere to the core values of the library profession. This includes being able to answer basic questions about the collection and the library’s policies and procedures, knowing when to redirect customers to other library staff with more specialized skill sets, understanding how to maintain and develop a collection of books and other library materials that responds to the public’s needs and expectations while operating within a limited budget, and being conscientious about protecting the confidentiality of our customers.

    The library offers approximately 34 weeks of programs throughout the year, with 2 six-week sessions in the fall, an eight-week session in the winter and spring, and a six-week session in the summer. Therefore, it is important that this person be energetic, outgoing, and feel comfortable performing in front of and managing large groups. They should be able to keep the attention of both small children and their caregivers.

    Closing Date:
    Monday, February 25, 2019