Staff Directory

The exterior book drop at the Bob Harkins Branch (downtown) is currently inaccessible. A temporary return bin is available during open hours, located just inside the parking lot entrance.

Management Team

Paul Burry
Paul Burry
Acting Chief Librarian
Support & Circulation Services Manager
250-563-9251 x130
Paul Burry
Ignacio Albarracin
Public Service Manager
250-563-9251 x158
Jody Tindill
Jody Tindill
Controller, Finance and Facilities
250-563-9251 x122

Marketing & Public Relations

Amy Dhanjal
Amy Dhanjal
Communications Coordinator
250-563-9251 x128
Lisa Martinson
Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
Room & Garden Rentals
250-563-9251 x126
Public Display Space Bookings
Terms and Conditions
Download the Application Form
250-563-9251 x128

Public Service

Gillian Wigmore
Nechako Branch Coordinator
250-563-9251 x301
Patricia Gibson
Public Service Librarian
Interlibrary Loans & Reserves
250-563-9251 x124
Jeff Kozoris
Digital Literacy & Instructional Librarian
Exam Invigilation
250-563-9251 x125
Heather Gloster (On Leave)
Children's Librarian
250-563-9251 x105
Austin Matheson
Children's Librarian (Term)
250-563-9251 x105
Christopher Knapp
Teen Librarian
250-563-9251 x106
Darcie Smith
Community Outreach Librarian
Home Service
250-563-9251 x123

Support & Circulation Services

Sheila Littler
Circulation Services Coordinator
250-563-9251 x143
Angeline Meehan
Customer Accounts Specialist
250-563-9251 x103
Shelley Ellerton
Acquisitions Coordinator
250-563-9251 x133
Roy Soares
Network Administrator
250-563-9251 x150