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Internet Use Policy

[Section 5.13 of the Library Policy Manual]

5.13 The Library considers Internet information resources an extension of our material collections.
5.13.1 Free Internet access will be made available at the Library.
5.13.2 Library staff will feature links from the website that offer useful and reliable information to Library users.
5.13.3 Websites reached by means of links posted on the Library’s website may lead to other links not reviewed by staff. The Library takes no responsibility for the results of browsing the Internet.
5.13.4 The Library is not responsible for the content or quality of information retrieved over the Internet.
5.13.5 The same confidentiality standards and procedures that apply to other Library transactions will apply to the use of Internet resources.
5.13.6 Patrons are prohibited from using Library Internet stations for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes or to seek access into unauthorized places. Infringement of copyright is prohibited. The Library assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use or its connection to Internet services.
5.13.7 The Library reserves the right to limit Internet usage. This limit is based on bandwidth capacity, budget, and other operational requirements. Individual patrons may be restricted from Internet usage based on behaviour as defined in Section and 2.5.2.