Tour Request Form

This form is for use by teachers and educators who wish to bring their class to the library for a guided tour.

Please complete one form per class. Due to spatial and staffing limitations, we can only host one class of up to 30 students at one time. If you would like to bring two classes on the same day, please select "Yes" to "Would you like to book a double tour with Two Rivers Gallery?". Our staff will contact Two Rivers and determine which dates are available for double tours. In a double tour, one class visits the library while the other visits Two Rivers, then they switch locations. This typically results in a 3-hour field trip. Lunch space may be provided, upon request.

Please note that tours are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and while we do our best to accommodate all requests, our capacity is limited. Bookings require at least 2 weeks' notice.

To accommodate the high demand for this service, each class is limited to one tour per school year. If you would like to visit us again, send us an email at, or ask your tour leader for more details!

You will receive an email from a library staff member to confirm your date and time within 2 business days. Please do not schedule transportation or make any other arrangements until you have received this confirmation.

Contact Information
Tour Information
Tour Content

All tours are 1 hour in length and will include:

- storytime (preschool to grade 3) or book talk (grade 4+) led by library staff (20 mins)
- guided tour (20 mins)
- library card distribution and book checkout (20 mins)

Teachers are welcome to suggest specific topics/themes/services they would like library staff to highlight for their class.

All visits will include a short read-aloud by library staff and a guided tour.