Library Strategic Plan 2021-2026



PGPL fosters a vibrant, inclusive, thriving community.


PGPL builds community resilience by creating welcoming and inclusive spaces for every person to read, connect, and share.



PGPL prides itself on adapting quickly to the changing needs of our community, supporting library staff to bring creativity to the development of innovative library facilities, resources, programs, and services.


PGPL strives to create safe and welcoming environments for all members of our community, recognizing the need to focus on building inclusive and respectful spaces for members of marginalized or underrepresented groups.


PGPL supports the right of every person to seek out and make use of information and ideas, promoting access to the widest possible variety of expressive content for community members of all ages.


PGPL works to remove and reduce all kinds of barriers to access so that everyone in our community is able to fully enjoy and benefit from what the library offers.


Improving the User Experience

Plan, deliver, and build awareness of library services and programs that respond to the needs of our community.


  1. Address and improve on service shortcomings
  2. Increase/Improve promotional efforts to highlight the library’s extensive collection and service delivery options
  3. Communicate the library’s impact to our diverse community
  4. Continue to address security and safety concerns inside and outside library facilities

Expanding Our Reach

Create opportunities for reaching community groups and individuals who are not regular users of the library.


  1. Raise awareness of current and diverse offerings
  2. Identify and build relationships with new audiences to attract new visitors
  3. Look for new opportunities to promote the impact of the library in the lives of community members
  4. Solicit input from patrons and community members to ensure that their needs are being met
  5. Maintain the core purpose of the library; avoid diverting from the library’s core mission

Designing Welcoming Spaces

Create safe, attractive, inclusive library spaces that the community can take pride in.


  1. Identify and budget for on-going improvements to the interior and exterior of both library branches
  2. Continue to pursue environmental design enhancements to improve the safety of library facilities
  3. Look for opportunities to expand the library’s presence in the Hart community
  4. Maintain and update computer and internet technologies for patrons and staff
  5. Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices into collection development processes

Developing Partnerships & Advocacy

Make connections and build relationships with community partners and library stakeholders representing the diversity of our region.


  1. Focus on developing relationships with decisionmakers at municipal, regional district, and provincial government levels, advocating for sustainable and robust investment in the Library
  2. Connect and consult with representatives of local agencies who advocate for or represent community members from traditionally marginalized or underserved groups, including BIPOC and those experiencing accessibility barriers
  3. Play an active role in important civic committees and social organizations to ensure needs of the broader community are being met

Strengthening Staff Communications & Relationships

Promote and support collaborative relationships among library staff, encouraging a culture of cooperation and innovation.


  1. Build better outreach from Board to staff through regular social and work interactions
  2. Ensure that support systems are in place for staff and volunteers, especially following challenging events
  3. Develop effective communications strategies to ensure that necessary information is shared with staff in a timely and effective manner
  4. Develop creative approaches to recognizing staff efforts and achievements
  5. Invest time and energy into strengthening existing internal relationships and building trust within the organization.
  6. Establish effective communication among CUPE representatives, staff, library management team, and board members

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