Teachers & Educators

Book Searches

Need a dozen picture books about colours and shapes for your preschool? Looking for some materials to support your class study on minerals and gemstones? Call the Children's Information Desk at 250-563-9251 ext. 108 and request a book search! Let the staff at the public library find the books for you, and save yourself some valuable time. We can retrieve up to 20 books on one topic for you, but don't forget we need at least 2 days advance notice! If you cannot pick up your books on time, please notify us, otherwise the books will be re-shelved and the search will not be re-done. Also, to be fair to all our users who may need access to these books, service is limited to one search per person, per month.

Story Kits

Attention kindergarten teachers, preschool care providers and parents! Our story kits are your ticket to fun and educational story times that are ready in a flash! Packed full of flannel board and felts, toys and puppets, books and CDs, plus an activity binder full of songs, stories, art and circle time activities, these story kits have everything you need to present a story time all about your chosen theme. PLUS, we've been busy updating our story kit materials, adding new books and music to our existing kits as well as creating several new boxes with new themes.

Browse our story kits in the library catalogue to find the kit that's right for you!

Library Visits

Library Tours
Bring your class to the library and we'll show them what it's all about! Our Community Engagement staff will outline the features of our library, how it works, highlight age-appropriate materials, share some stories, and help your students get library cards, too! Please fill out a Tour Request Form and our staff will get back to you soon to arrange your tour! If you have questions about library tours, you may contact the Youth Community Engagement Librarian at 250-563-9251 ext. 105 for more information.

Library Outreach
Our talented Community Engagement staff would love to visit your school, class, or community group to talk about what the library can do for them! Please call 250-563-9251 ext. 100 to speak to a staff member about library outreach opportunities.