It's Easy Being Green

A series of monthly programs presented by REAPS designed to teach new ways you can lower your material waste and save money!

Keith Gordon Room.

January 2023: January: Small to Large Actions At Home: Energy Savings For You & The Environment

Join us for an overview of actions, big to small, that can be taken on at home to reduce your energy use, gain you savings, and benefit the environment.
Presentation will introduce actions and projects that advance in heating/cooling, lighting and appliance and electronics usage. GOTT energy ( will be joining us to speak to technologies that can be invested into your home to shift to renewables and sustainable energy use.

February 2023: Mapping Out: Eco-Friendly products & Habits for the Home

Join us for an overview of what habits we can adopt or enhance at home to reduce our environmental impacts of daily living. In addition, we will highlight some handy home products that can be incorporated to help you on your eco-living journey.

Bob Harkins Branch
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