Mary Lambert Concert

NOTICE: The Bob Harkins Branch downtown is closed for the remainder of the day (Wed June 29), due to a power outage affecting multiple businesses in the area. The Nechako Branch remains open.

Juno Award Nominee, Mary Lambert, will be presenting her SING OUT SUMMER FUN themed concert at our library. This musical performance is geared for children of all ages and also adults who are kids at heart. Mary’s concert will be filled with colourful costumes, props and lots of audience participation. Some audience members (who are willing), will join Mary on stage to become part of the show, but everyone attending will find themselves toe-tapping and singing along with some old favourite traditional tunes and also some new original Mary Lambert songs. During this musical adventure, kids will learn how to do the Black Fly Boogie, how to stop the rain and why they should always, always, take their umbrella to the beach. For further information and background on Mary Lambert, please go to

Saturday, July 2, 2022 - 10:15am to 11:15am
Bob Harkins Branch
Target Audience: 
Families (All Ages)
Free Drop In