Jacqueline Baldwin

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Publication Award

Jacqueline Baldwin was born in New Zealand, and, at the age of 22, immigrated to Canada where she traveled and worked in various North American cities including New York, Vancouver, and Montreal. In 1969, Jacqueline and her family moved to a farm in Loos, where she raised her three children. Gradually Jacqueline and her family made improvements to the quality of their rustic home by building greenhouses, repairing the well, and receiving a diesel generator. Her family sustained itself by preserving organic fruits and vegetables, and by selling and trading the produce from their farm and surrounding forests. In 1991 she moved to Prince George.

Jacqueline is an active member of the Prince George writing community, and is the author of Threadbare Like Lace, a book of unique poems, many of which have rural, Northern British Columbian settings. Her book topped the best seller list of British Columbian books, which is extremely rare for a book of poems. Jacqueline's poem entitled "Passionately Fond of the Zamboni" was selected by the BC Transit Corporation to be displayed in buses and skytrains. Jacqueline regularly appears at public readings to read from her work and the work of others. Jacqueline has been described as a poet, writer, and environmentalist who writes poems others can relate to.

For her publication Threadbare Like Lace, Jacqueline Baldwin received the Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award on February 20, 2000.