Kent Sedgwick

NOTICE: The Bob Harkins Branch downtown is closed for the remainder of the day (Wed June 29), due to a power outage affecting multiple businesses in the area. The Nechako Branch remains open.

Publication Award

The Jeanne Clarke Local History award for publication goes to Kent Sedgwick for his book Giscome Chronicle: the rise and demise of a sawmill community in central British Columbia, 1912-1976, published by CNC Press in 2008.

The book chronicles the history of the community of Giscome, one of 40 small sawmill towns that grew, flourished for a time, then faded along the “East Line” of the Grand Trunk Pacific rail line. The author drew upon a wide range of historical documents including maps, newspapers, drawings, diaries, oral histories and photos to produce a timeline of the major events in Giscome’s community history. The book is a unique contribution to our local history, providing valuable research in resource-based communities and northern community development.

This is the second Jeanne Clarke Award for Kent Sedgwick, who was honoured for his contributions to local history in 1991. Kent is a former geography instructor at the College of New Caledonia and urban planner with the City of Prince George.