Barkerville Heritage Trust

NOTICE: The Bob Harkins Branch downtown is closed for the remainder of the day (Wed June 29), due to a power outage affecting multiple businesses in the area. The Nechako Branch remains open.

Service Award

The 2015 Jeanne Clarke local history award for service was presented to the Barkerville Heritage Trust. The award was given for their work on Who Am I? – Bridging the Pacific: from Guangdong to Barkerville and back, an exhibition that examines the history of the Chinese immigrants who came to Barkerville, British Columbia in the late 19th and early 20th century to mine and carry out business.

The exhibition features historical archival photographs and portraits by Chow Dong Hoy, a Chinese-Canadian photographer known for his startling, evocative documentation of First Nations, Chinese, and Caucasian subjects. These photos, along with dioramas, an interactive computer kiosk and bilingual book, depict the lives of the Chinese immigrants in the Cariboo region during the Gold Rush.

This exhibition has toured in Canada and China and has been well-received as a strong tribute to and presentation of an important archives for our regional, provincial and national history.