Topic Request Form

This form is for use by teachers and educators who wish to request a set of library materials on a single, general topic or theme for classroom use. Requests for specific items should be submitted by placing a hold through your library account.

Important information about Topic Requests

- We require a minimum 2 days' notice to process a topic request.
- We will retrieve up to 30 items per search. Please understand that we may not be able to supply 30 items for all topics.
- Requests cannot be placed more than three months in advance of the requested pickup date.
- We will begin pulling materials for a search no more than 2 days before the requested pickup date.
- Requests may be picked up at the main desk of either branch of the library.
- Items that have not been picked up within 2 days of the requested pickup date will be reshelved.
- You will need a PGPL library account to take materials out of the library. If you do not have a library card, or are uncertain about your account status, please bring one piece of ID and proof of address when you come to pick up your materials.

Early requests for seasonally in-demand materials do not guarantee availability of those materials.

" * " indicates a required field

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